Enviro Waste Disposal Facility


We ask that anyone visiting site please observe the safety procedures relevant to them.  Categories below include: 

  • Visiting Operators
  • Workers of Contractors & Subcontractors
  • Owners & Administration of Contractors and Subcontractors



Welcome to DispoVac Systems, your trusted enviro waste disposal facility.

We are committed to ensuring the highest standards of safety and efficiency across all operations. Recognizing the importance of seamless and accessible safety protocols, we've innovated our approach to include both digital links and QR codes.

These tools are designed to streamline our comprehensive safety documentation, making it easier than ever for our clients, customers, vendors, operators, and team members to access and complete necessary safety procedures and guidelines.

To facilitate a smooth and efficient orientation process, we encourage you to get a head start by accessing the mandatory safety documents through the provided links or QR codes. This proactive approach allows us to streamline your orientation, ensuring that you're well-prepared and fully informed from the beginning. By taking advantage of these digital resources, you'll not only expedite your onboarding but also contribute to a safer working environment for everyone involved.

We invite you to explore these sections and utilize the below QR codes or links to ensure a thorough understanding and aid in your compliance with our safety standards here at DispoVac.

At DispoVac Systems, we prioritize your safety and efficiency, and through these tools, we aim to foster a safer, more connected working environment for everyone involved.


Onboarding & Resources

Who Is It For?

All drivers and swampers intending to use our waste disposal facility must navigate this section.

It includes the Visiting Operators Safety Guidelines, which need to be read and acknowledged prior to site entry.

Furthermore, an orientation form specifically designed for visiting operators must be completed on-site, ensuring they are well-informed and prepared before they are allowed to dump at our facility.


Workers of Subcontractors & Contractors

Onboarding & Resources

Who Should Access This?

This section is tailored for the workforce of our subcontractors and contractors who are engaged in projects at a DispoVac site. 

It features the Subcontractor & Contractor Safety Guidelines, a mandatory read for all site workers, ensuring they understand and agree to our safety protocols.  

Additionally, an on-site orientation for contractors and subcontractors, alongside pre-job safety inspections and safety summaries, are required at the start and end of each day, reinforcing our commitment to safety.

QR Code

Owners & Administration of Subcontractors & Contractors

Onboarding & Resources

Who Should Engage?

This section is specifically designed for the Owners or Administrators of subcontracting firms that wish to undertake work on a  DispoVac site. 

It includes two critical forms:

• the Safety Pre-Qualification Form
• the Health & Safety Agreement

Both of  the above forms must be completed prior to engagement.

Additionally, we provide the Subcontractor & Contractor Safety Guidelines, a resource that outlines all safety expectations and requirements for working at our facilities.


Our Site

Site Map & Operations Flow

The below map is a general overview of our site at Dispovac.   For familiarity purposes please review for your first onsite visit.  

We also have a verision of this map to show important features like the flow of operations, emergency routes, areas requiring PPE and more.  Please review and familiarize yourself with the below map so your first visit to our site goes smoothly.  

A Letter from DispoVac Management on Safety

We can and must commit ourselves to a new, higher standard of safety. Safety is more important than making money, more important than making schedule, more important than client service, it is more important than absolutely anything.

 I salute the constant, daily efforts of everyone who makes this THE top priority at DispoVac Systems.

The DispoVac Systems Safety Program is based on ‘The Internal Responsibility System’.  To state this simply, ‘Everybody is personally responsible to take every measure reasonable to continuously improve processes such that, among other benefits, the risk of occupational injury or illness is driven down as low as it can reasonably go.’ The application of this philosophy, at the individual level, requires that ‘every individual does health and safety in a way that is compatible with the kind of work that person does. Each person takes initiative on health and safety issues and works to solve problems and make improvements on an ongoing basis. A person does this both as an individual and in cooperation with others.’ Your commitment to these principles is anticipated for the benefit of all persons on the project.

We have produced these Guidelines to help you perform effectively while on our worksite. In these Guidelines, you will find brief descriptions of the Standards which we expect you and your workers to meet. The Guidelines are not all-inclusive in scope; the full scope of the DispoVac Systems Safety Program can be found in the DispoVac Systems Safety Manual in the DispoVac Systems Safety office and scale shack. In addition to the Safety Manual, there is a companion Safe Work Practices and Procedures Manual (SWP) which provides resource material about various activities. If need be, this SWP Manual is available to you to help you develop Site Specific Safe Work Plans for your workers.

The DispoVac Systems Managing Director & the Health & Safety Coordinator is dedicated not only to enforce our standards but also provide a resource service to DispoVac Systems Team and all Contractor & Subcontractors on our worksite. If you have any questions about the application of our program to your activities please direct these to the Managing Director or the Health & Safety Coordinator.

In the absence of a contract, Contractor & Subcontractors are advised that acceptance of work on a DispoVac Systems Worksite is deemed to be an acknowledgment and acceptance of the DispoVac Systems Safety Program and the provisions therein.

Welcome to the DispoVac Systems Safety Program!

Richard Bullock, Managing Director

November 10, 2023